ADR Tool for pc free download

ADR Tool for PC Free Download 2021

ADR Tool for PC Free Download: ADR Tool’s latest version helps you to find information about the UN number from Table A of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) applicable as of 1 January 2017.

What is ADR Software?

An engineering decision record (ADR) is a document that catches a significant structural decision made alongside its context and results. An engineering decision (AD) is a product design decision that addresses a noteworthy prerequisite.

Salient Keywords for your devices

ADR Tool for PC Free Download

Exemptions related to quantities carried per transport unit

Special provisions 3.3

ADR Tool for PC Windows 10

ADR Tool for PC Free DownloadADR Tool for PC Windows 7

ADR Tool for PC Free Download


Special provisions for carriage – Bulk 7.3.3 “VC” “AP”

Special provisions for carriage – Loading, unloading, and handling 7.5.11 “CV”

Special provisions for carriage – Packages 7.2.4 “V”

Mix loading -hazard identification

Special provisions for carriage – Operation 8.5 “S”

Instructions and writing

What is Decision Record?

Architectural Decision Records. An Architectural Decision Record (ADR) catches a single AD, for example, frequently done when writing individual notes or meeting minutes; the assortment of ADRs made and kept up in a project comprises its decision log.

Features ADR TOOL App APK

  • App menu language in 18 languages (GB, FR, DE, PL, DK, FI, NO, SE, ES, PT, NL, IT, RO, HU, SK, CS, RU, TR); app database language:
  • Proper Shipping Names and description in 12 European languages (GB, FR, DE, PL, DK, FI, NO, SE, NL, IT, HU, RU) – so far
  • NEW! Full text of CV, V, S, and Special Provisions according to ADR 2017
  • Export one or many loading lists to CSV files (find the file in the default download catalog of your device or send the file via e-mail) – important.
  • A quick, simple, and friendly practical guide in everyday use (with database offline) – important for less experienced and experienced users, enthusiasts or hobbyists.

ADR Tool for PC Free Download

ADR Tool for PC Dangerous Goods Setup.Exe

ADR Tool for PC

ADR Tool APK for Android 

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